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Picture Showing Northern Pass Route in New Hampshire as of August 28, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Support or Oppose Proposed “Northern Pass” Transmission Line

Note: Northern Pass is a HOT topic in Northern New England. We originally wrote this several years ago as a resource to jump-start a constructive dialogue. We recently noticed that… Read more »

Will Small Towns in Northern New England Be Able to Afford Police?

photo credit: davidsonscott15 The Kennebec Journal today ran an interesting story on the plight of small towns and their agonizing decision as to whether or not to maintain a town… Read more »

Northern Pass Mailer III: Investing in Local Communities

This week we received another 4-page mailer from the Northern Pass folks.  The last two mailers were about the economic benefits and jobs while this mailer is about investing in… Read more »