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“Demographic Winter” Tightens Grip on Northern New England

As we’ve become more aware of this new phenomena being called “Demographic Winter,” we have grown more scared of it. In a nutshell, Northern New England is heading for a… Read more »

Northern New England’s Demographic Woes

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The states of Northern New England have a long history of population booms and busts. Many parts are littered with cellar holes of past homesteads. Unfortunately, Northern New England is… Read more »

Will Small Towns in Northern New England Be Able to Afford Police?

photo credit: davidsonscott15 The Kennebec Journal today ran an interesting story on the plight of small towns and their agonizing decision as to whether or not to maintain a town… Read more »

Demolition Alert II: St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Waterville, Maine

This Demolition Alert is being brought to you courtesy of the ongoing Demographic Winter which is enemy #1 to Northern New England’s towns and villages.  The Morning Sentinel is reporting… Read more »