Useful Links

State Preservation Resources:

Maine Historical Societies:
New Hampshire Historical Societies:
Vermont Historical Societies:

Maine State Government:

New Hampshire State Government:

Vermont State Government:

  • Community Profiles
  • Property Taxes Note: This may not cover all property taxes levied, only those related to education.
  • Historic Sites

Daily Newspapers:

Maine Weekly Newspapers:

New Hampshire Weekly Newpapers:

Vermont Weekly Newspapers:

Historic Blogs:

  • White Mountain Trader, history of Woodsville, New Hampshire.
  • In Times Past, history of the Upper Valley towns of Vermont and New Hampshire
  • Preservation in Pink, involves historic preservation, architecture, roadside America, travel, archaeology, planning and development, theories, community life, flamingos, coffee, museum studies, material culture, and much more.

Travel Resources:

Regional Resources:

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