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Covered Bridge in Bartonsville, Vermont Washes Away

photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video Unfortunately, the damage from Hurricane Irene is looking pretty grim. The Burlington Free Press has a news story about Vermont’s covered bridges that… Read more »

Hardwick, Vermont: Town’s Food Focus Still A Growing Concept

National Public Radio ran this story on the Hardwick, Vermont agricultural model called “Vermont Town’s Food Focus Still a Growing Concept.”  From the story: The town of Hardwick, Vt., has been… Read more »

Belfast, Maine is Helping Small Businesses and Their Downtown

photo credit: roger4336 The Portland Press Herald today has a fascinating story on how Belfast, Maine is breathing new life into its downtown by helping small businesses.  Here are some… Read more »

Solutions to Northern New England’s East-West Travel Woes

photo credit: brewbooks “You can’t get there from here” is a common expression for the fact that going east-to-west by automobile in Northern New England is a daunting task.  For… Read more »

Economic Development Hardwick, Vermont Style

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As regular readers know, we are a big proponent of agriculture as a means of breathing new life into Northern New England towns.  So, a few days ago we made… Read more »

Will Small Towns in Northern New England Be Able to Afford Police?

photo credit: davidsonscott15 The Kennebec Journal today ran an interesting story on the plight of small towns and their agonizing decision as to whether or not to maintain a town… Read more »