About Us

Northern New England is naturally one of the most beautiful places in the country.  Also, by virtue of being one of the oldest settled places, it has a rich architectural heritage ranging from Colonials, Federals, Victorians and, of course, the home-grown New England farmhouse.  It is this architectural heritage that this website hopes to document in order to bring it to the widest audience possible.

Yet, that heritage is also under assault from foes ranging from the natural, such as fires, to the unnatural, such as “vinyl-vandals.”  Hopefully, we can help persuade the owners of these treasures to take measures to preserve the region’s architectural heritage. 

Every time something bad happens to these unique buildings, the region loses another piece of its soul.

This website has grown out of our passion for architecture combined with our wanderlust.  We decided that if we must drive, drive, drive then we should share that effort with the world. 

We’re also interested in economic development so any traffic we may generate to further that goal in the region, then all the better.  Whether its convincing someone “from away” to move here or helping a village business draw new customers.

The website will also help facilitate conversation about preserving the regions unique characteristics.  The main page will feature a regular blog featuring content ranging from “how to fix an old house” to the “socio-economic challenges of the region.”  

In the end, we hope you enjoy your journey as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you . . .  Scott and Wendy

About Town Picture Galleries

The town picture galleries are designed to provide a feel for the overall environment as well as individual buildings.  Each gallery is a scrolling street view with two buildings shown representing each side of the street. 

Thus, the pictures above and below a building represent adjacent buildings on the same side of the street.  The pictures next to the building represent buildings on the opposite side of the street.

Empty spaces, such as pocket parks or parking lots, are included in the gallery not only for environmental purposes, but also to keep the appropriate spacing of the pictures.  In instances where maintaining spacing is not possible, such a large building on one side of the street, then blank “space holder” pictures will be included in the gallery.

Click any picture to bring up a magnified picture gallery.

For now the town picture galleries will consist mostly of a town’s downtown commercial area.  Generally, this will capture a significant range of the architectural heritage of a town since many prominent commercial, residential and religious buildings were often built around the downtown area.  In the future, side streets will be added, especially more residential areas.

Each individual building will contain, if available, its address and any historical information.  We hope that to be able to find this historical information from books as well as the general public.  As such, if anyone has any information on these building please email us! 

Not only do these building disappear over time, but sometimes their history does as well.  We aspire to preserve both.

Contact Us

There are many ways you can contact us.

If you have a general question that you want answered . . . you can broadcast it to us and all of our fans on the Northern New England Villages Facebook page.

Or, if you have a website-specific question and/or wish to keep it private . . . you can contact us directly through the contact form below.

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