Vinyl-Vandalism 4: Weathersfield, Vermont

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Vinyl-Vandalism in Weathersfield, Vermont (Left Side)

On a recent trip through Vermont, we drove up on this tragedy in Weathersfield, Vermont. We didn’t know whether to be mad or sad at this blatant act of Vinyl-Vandalism

We don’t know much about this building, but clearly it was once a prominent establishment of some kind–a general store? an inn? It sits near the north branch of the Black River and the water is moving swiftly enough (perhaps with a waterfall or two) to create a nice roar.

We are completely baffled by the current owners attempt vinyl-vandalize this once grand building. Seriously, if you want a new building just go by some land and build one. Why destroy a piece of history?

We won’t dwell on this point since a picture is worth a thousand words and we have several pictures below. The good news is that they have abandoned their Vinyl-Vandalism and are have put the building up for sale. We can’t find anymore information about the sale of the building other than the phone number shown in the pictures.

We can only hope that someone reading this post will pick up the phone and save this building before it’s too late. Also, if anyone has any information on the history of this building please leave a comment below.

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Vinyl-Vandalism in Weathersfield, Vermont (Right Side)

Vinyl-Vandalism in Weathersfield, Vermont (Bay Windows)

North Branch Black River (Left View)

North Branch Black River (Right View)

Vinyl-Vandalism in Weathersfield, Vermont (For Sale Sign)

Google Map showing Vinyl-Vandalism in Progress as of November, 2015

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