Dollar General Should be Ashamed in Lisbon, New Hampshire

Picture of Demolished House in Lisbon, New Hampshire via Google Maps

Demolished House in Lisbon, New Hampshire via Google Maps

Recently we became aware that Dollar General has struck again . . . this time in Lisbon, New Hampshire (follow link to see our picture gallery). A well-kept, traditional New England style home with attached barn was demolished to build a hideous Dollar General store.

We also understand that the destroyer was completely unsympathetic to people wanting to salvage and reuse materials from the doomed home. It was a “demolish and run” job.

Picture of Dollar General Story under Construction in Lisbon, New Hampshire

Adding insult to injury, as indicated by the blue dot in the Google Map below, the Dollar General breaks the smooth transition from single family homes toward downtown Lisbon. We’ve all seen this process play out a hundred times and inevitably it means the other single family homes will begin to fall one-by-one.

After all, now all of the homes around this beast are less desirable to families. If they aren’t already, they will become multi-family rentals that will suffer from neglect. Eventually, another retailer or fast-food joint will move in next to the Dollar General further gutting the area.

And, of course, the architecture of the Dollar General is simply atrocious. Welcome to Anywhere, USA! Seriously, is this a store or a nuclear fallout shelter? I could go on, but it makes me too depressed.

The Dollar General is not just an affront to the living either as it sits right next to a funeral parlor. Now grieving relatives will have to drive by this monstrosity to pay their respects. Let’s not forget about blight created by the lighted yellow sign either.

Picture of Dollar General Sign in Lisbon, New Hampshire

Alas, this is not the first time that Dollar General has struck–follow link for a summary. Dollar General is not the only culprit either, Family Dollar also has a bad habit of destroying our architectural history as well.

We can only hope that the residents of Lisbon and surrounding communities shun the new Dollar General. Until these stores feel the sting in their bottom line, they will continue to pillage our villages.

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