“Capt. John W. Gunnison” in Goshen, New Hampshire

Picture of New Hampshire Historical Road Marker Capt. John W. Gunnison in Goshen NH

“Capt. John W. Gunnison” Historical Road Marker in Goshen, New Hampshire

“Born November 11, 1812, in Old Center Goshen, this rugged individualist attended Hopkinton (N.H.) Academy and taught school in a nearby log cabin before graduating from West Point in 1837. Following army service his talents as a surveyor and map maker took him to the mid-west to explore the Great Lakes; thence on an expedition to the Mormon settlement in Utah where he explored the Salt Lake, studied the Mormon faith, and published a “History of the Mormons”. In 1853 he was chosen to command an expedition from St. Louis through Colorado and Utah to survey and map land for the Pacific Railroad which would connect the east with the west; his tragic death by bow and arrow occurred in October of that year.”

For more information see the “John Williams Gunnison” Wikipedia entry. Gunnison’s book on the Mormons, and other books, can be purchased below via Amazon.

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