The Efficiency of Roundabouts

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Picture of Dublin New Hampshire Roundabout 2

Roundabout in Dublin, New Hampshire

Are roundabouts really more efficient–meaning do they handle a larger volume of vehicles than other means of traffic control such as stop signs or red lights? Intuitively, I think we all know this is true. But intuition is not always correct.

So thank goodness for MythBusters! We recently became aware of a MythBusters episode where they take on the “myth” of the efficient roundabout. Want to guess what they found? Obviously, we wouldn’t be talking about it if it didn’t confirm our intuitions 🙂

Yet, the show is very entertaining and definitely worth the 10 minutes it takes to watch it . . .

Additionally, be sure to check out our post “10 Reasons to Like Roundabouts.” Fortunately, the governments of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont all understand the benefits of roundabouts as they are continually growing in numbers. Here is the list of 10 reasons we found (follow link above for more details and pictures):

1) Safety
2) Calms Traffic
3) Aesthetics
4) U-Turns
5) Pedestrian Safety
6) Less Pollution
7) Traffic Capacity
8) Flexibility
9) Lower Maintenance Costs
10) Boost Property Values

Did we miss any benefits of roundabouts? Let us know.

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