Vinyl-Vandals 3: Old Farm House in Fairlee, Vermont

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Picture of Vinyl Vandals 1 Fairlee Vermont

We’ve been watching this one progress for sometime because it is visible from I-91 as you approach (going north) Fairlee, Vermont. It is clearly being used for commercial purposes and the owner has put on a rather large addition to the old farmhouse which looks to hold the business operation.

We had hoped that would be end of alterations to the historic portion of the property. Alas, it has now become clear that this gorgeous old farmhouse will become another victim of vinyl-vandalism as you can see in the first picture above. The scaffolding that they are using is inching its way to the main house.

However, what really set our blood to boiling was what they recently did to the amazing front door. As shown in the pictures below, they have removed the door, side-windows and a beautiful fan window in the transom in favor of Home Depot-special, steel door. Really?! We just want to scream.

Picture of Vinyl Vandals 2 Fairlee Vermont

And clearly the area has been prepped to receive vinyl-siding in the near future. We wonder if they plan to cover the fan detailing along the roof line that was meant to complement the fanned transom window? Our guess is “yes” because they have already closed up a dormer window that will clearly be vinyled over (see first picture) . . . ugh!

Screenshot of Vinyl Vandals Google Map Fairlee Vermont

Screenshot from Google Maps showing entryway before removal.

When are folks in Northern New England going to realize that our architectural heritage is a major reason why tourists come here? If we turn everything in sight into giant vinyl “marshmallows,” well, folks “from away” can get that at home. These acts of vinyl-vandalism slowly eats at the very foundation of what makes Northern New England a special place.

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