Boon Island Lighthouse Available for Free

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Picture of Boon Island Lighthouse off Cape Neddick, Maine

Boon Island Lighthouse off Cape Neddick, Maine

Apparently, Uncle Sam is really offloading his offshore lighthouse holdings. We just learned, via Mainebiz, that Boon Island Lighthouse, off Cape Neddick, Maine, is also available for free (pdf) to “eligible entities defined as Federal agencies, state and local agencies, non-profit corporations, educational agencies, or community development organizations for educational, park, recreational, cultural or historic preservation purposes.”

Here is a brief history of the Boon Island Lighthouse:

Established during the War of 1812, Boon Island Light Station is a tapered tower constructed of ashlar granite that is punctuated by two opposing vertical rows of seven windows each. The wide conical base rises to a wide molded band situated below the parapet. There is a tall granite shaft that holds the lantern. The interior of the tower contains a circular stairway that leads to a door at the parapet.

The original tower was destroyed in 1831, subsequently rebuilt and then finally replaced with the current tower in 1855. There is a small shed onsite that may be a remnant of a boathouse. Walkways lead to the shed and a boat slip runs to the shore. The ruins of the former keeper’s house are visible on the island. At 123 feet high, the Property is the tallest light structure along the Maine coast. The island is a barren outcrop of granite 14 feet above sea level.

For more information, see the U.S. Coast Guard and Wikipedia.

Like Halfway Rock Lighthouse, If there are no qualified takers, Boon Island Lighthouse will be put to auction. If you can’t wait until then, you can make an offer on the Moose Peak Light Station on Mistake Island in Washington County, Maine.

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