Rockland, ME, Keene, NH and Burlington, VT Make “Best Old Neighborhoods 2012: Northeast”

Picture of Rockland, Maine

Rockland, Maine

This Old House just released their “Best Old Neighborhoods 2012: Northeast” and three Northern New England towns (out of 13) make the list–Rockland, Maine, Keene, New Hamshire, and the Five Sisters Neighborhood in Burlington, Vermont.

They actually use a very geographically expansive definition of the “northeast” which extends all the way to the Mason-Dixon line, but that just makes it all the more impressive to be on the list.

Here is their answer for “why buy here” in Rockland, Maine:

In the past couple of decades, Rockland has shaken its image as an insular commercial fishing community by redefining itself as a popular tourist destination that’s also attracting full-time residents. It’s home to the North American Blues Festival in July and the Maine Lobster Festival each August. Rockland is the location of the Farnsworth Art Museum, which boasts more than 10,000 paintings by American masters, including Maine’s own, the Wyeths: Andrew, N.C., and Jaimie. There are also plenty of sailing, hiking, and skiing opportunities.

Here is their answer for “why buy here” in Keene, New Hampshire:

Great schools, plentiful nearby nature (3,165-foot-high Mt. Monadock is 20 minutes away), and a close-knit community spiced with the energy of a college town means that for those looking for a lively pace, Keene has everything you need.

Here is their answer for “why buy here” in the Five Sisters Neighborhood in Burlington, Vermont:

“The neighborhood has seen a dramatic revival over the past decade,” says Burlington resident Devin Colman. “Older residents are selling to young families, who are restoring and renovating the houses.” Five Sisters is a pleasant, mile-long walk to bustling downtown Burlington (pop. 42,000) with its wealth of attractions, including shops, yoga studios, gourmet markets, and of course places to drink and dine, as well as three colleges, including the University of Vermont. There’s also plenty of sailing and kayaking on Lake Champlain.

Congratulations to these towns/neighborhoods 🙂

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