Thayers Inn in Littleton, New Hampshire Survives Fire

Picture of Historical Thayers Inn in Littleton New Hampshire

Thayers Inn in Littleton New Hampshire

Northern New England nearly lost another landmark when an electrical fire started in the historic Thayers Inn in Littleton, New Hampshire. According to the Union Leader:

An electrical fire caused extensive damage to the upper floors of the inn, which in 1982 was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. There were no injuries, but guests are not being allowed back inside, and it’s unknown when the three-floor, 39-room inn will reopen or what is the cost of damage.

With a pile of scorched debris lying on the street outside and the yellow police tape sealing off access to the upper floors, the inn’s general manager prepared for the next round–the cleanup.

Thankfully, the rapid response by the local fire department (within 2 to 3 minutes) saved lives and the inn. Let’s hope they are able to reopen soon since the inn is a major draw for downtown Littleton.

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