Ladd-Gilman House: Exeter, New Hampshire

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Picture of Ladd-Gilman House in Exeter, New Hampshire (American Independence Museum)

The Ladd-Gilman House

As part of our Building History series, today we take a look at The Ladd-Gilman House in Exeter, New Hampshire:

“In 1721 Captain Nathaniel Ladd bought one and a half acres from Eliphalet Coffin, and by 1738 he built a brick house on the site. In 1752 the house was enlarged and covered with clapboards. Nicholas Gilman, Sr., served as state treasurer, and the treasury was located here during the Revolution. His eldest son, John Taylor Gilman, inherited the house and became governor, serving fourteen one-year terms. The house remained mostly in the Gilman family until it was purchased by the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New  Hampshire in 1902. A caretaker’s wing was added, and the structure, known as ‘Cincinnati Hall,’ served as the Society’s headquarters and museum–the first historic house open to the public in New Hampshire. In 1991, the American Independence Museum was created and now administers the property.”

Source: Exeter Historical Society

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