Plans to Demolish St. Francis de Sales Church in Waterville, Maine Advance

Picture of St. Frances de Sales Catholic Church on Elm Street in Waterville Maine

Saint Francis de Sales Church

Update: Residents are circulating a petition against the demolition of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Waterville, Maine.

Update: Demolition of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Waterville, Maine now set for spring or early summer 2012.

We recently reported on plans to demolish St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Waterville, Maine . . . now a major obstacle to demolition has been cleared according to the Portland Press Herald:

A plan to demolish St. Francis de Sales Church and build a 40-unit senior-housing complex has cleared a major step.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development approved more than $6.2 million in funding for the project, which aims to provide nondenominational housing for low-income people 62 and older. The department will also subsidize a percentage of each resident’s rent.

If the city planning board grants approval, the complex — dubbed St. Francis Apartments — could be ready in two years.

Plans for the housing complex are still in the formative stages, said Mike Hebert, facilities manager for Corpus Christi Parish, an organization that owns St. Francis de Sales and six other churches in the greater Waterville area.

Let’s hope they find an alternative to demolition as the church is very prominent on the Waterville skyline–you can see the church in the background of the attached picture. Be sure to check out our new picture gallery of Waterville, Maine.

Picture of Parking Lot on Main Street in Waterville, Maine

St. Francis de Sales Church in the background

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Charles Ferguson says:

I’m waiting for a reply from Corpus Christi Parish about the organ that must be in St. Francis. The Organ Historical Society tries to save orphans like this from destruction and find new homes for them.

Charles, thanks for the comment and good luck saving the organ . . . please let us know if you are successful.