New Hampshire Preservation Alliance’s 2011 Seven to Save

Picture of Pearson Hall in the Village of Haverhill Corner in the Town of Haverhill, New Hampshire

Pearson Hall in Haverhill, New Hampshire

The Union Leader reports on the New  Hampshire Preservation Alliance’s 2011 “Seven to Save”:

— Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. Located in Dixville Notch, the property is for sale but deals with two prospective buyers have fallen through. [Note: Here is a post with our viewpoint on the first potential sale]

— Middleton Town Hall. Vibrant murals by itinerant artist John Avery adorn the walls of the former Freewill Baptist Church on the second floor, while the first floor serves as meeting space for town functions. The building’s condition has been a concern since 1996, when town offices moved to a new space.

— Farley Building, Hollis. Built in the Italianate style, this former school has undergone several alterations since its construction in 1877. It has been vacant since 2005 and despite roof leaks, is in sound condition.

— Pearson Hall, Haverhill. Built as a private academy building in 1816, the unoccupied structure is now owned by the Haverhill Historical Society, but needs to be fully rehabilitated before it can be used for exhibits and collections storage. [Note: Check out our town picture gallery of Haverhill, New Hampshire]

— Wheaton-Alexander House, Winchester. The owner wants to demolish the structure and develop a shopping center at the site. The local Historic District Commission has denied a demolition permit, but the issue is now in the courts. [Note: We just posted a “Demolition Alert” on the Wheaton-Alexander House in Winchester, New Hampshire]

Wheaton-Alexander House at 71 Main Street in Winchester New Hampshire

— Charlestown Town Hall. The brick building was constructed in 1873 to replace a smaller town house. It originally contained a grocery store, meeting and office space and an elegant second-floor theater. Today, only the first floor space meets code requirements.

Here is the 2010 “Seven to Save” list.

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