YMCA in Augusta, Maine Meets Business End of Bulldozer

Old YMCA in Augusta, Maine

Old YMCA in Augusta, Maine

According to the Kennebec Journal the old YMCA building in Augusta, Maine is coming down (we reported this last week “Demolition Alert 8: YMCA Building in Augusta, Maine”):

McGee Construction employee Scott Votra erects a sign Monday in front of the former YMCA building in Augusta as a colleague demolishes the building. The owner of the 30,000-square-foot Augusta building, Lon Walters, received a permit to demolish the 1914 building in 2008, but he delayed demolition in hopes other arrangements could be made for the building.  With no buyers for the structure, Walters decided to raze it. The YMCA sold the building in 2006 after opening a new $10 million facility on Union Street. Contractor Steve McGee said the brick building should be demolished in a week and cleanup finished in two weeks.

Goodbye grand ol’ building . . . hello, ugly empty lot 🙁

Update: The Kennebec Journal posted this vidoe of the YMCA demolition.

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