Cobleigh Public Library: Lyndon, Vermont

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Picture of Cobleigh Public Library in Lyndon, Vermont

Cobleigh Public Library in Lyndon, Vermont

As part of our Building History series, today we take a look at the The Cobleigh Public Library Building in Lyndon, Vermont:

“In 1905 Eber W. Cobleigh donated $15,000 to erect a public library building in Lyndonville. The site of the Silsubry Livery Stable at Main and Depot Street was authorized for purchase at the annual town meeting in March and the library building was completed in late 1906. Plans for the building were drawn by William J. Sayward, a member of the well known firm that had designed the Boston Public Library. The library was dedicated and opened to the public in January, 1907.”

Source: Cobleigh Public Library Website

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