Demolition Alert 8: YMCA Building in Augusta, Maine

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Historical Postcard Picture of YMCA Building in Downtown Augusta, Maine

On the eve of its destruction, let’s remember the YMCA building in Augusta, Maine as it once was . . .

The potential for the demolition of the old YMCA building in Augusta, Maine has been a threat for many years now. It seems the building has run out of time. According to the Kennebec Journal:

Despite a nearly three-year reprieve from its previous appointment with a wrecking ball, the historic former YMCA building is on the eve of destruction.

Developer Lon Walters, who bought the building at auction in 2006, filed Tuesday for a demolition permit and has informed city officials he intends to demolish the building.

β€œThe old YMCA is a beautiful building,” Walters wrote in a letter to City Manager William Bridgeo. β€œI would have loved to find a practical use and seen it restored. Regrettably, at this time I need to move forward with demolition of the building.”

Walters originally received a permit to tear the building down in 2008 but delayed demolition, in an agreement with the city, in hopes a new use, or new owner, could be found.

Preservationists fought to keep it standing, with the Augusta Historic Preservation Commission spending about $10,000 of its own money to heat the building.

Walters filed paperwork with the city codes office Tuesday seeking a new demolition permit.

The permit could be granted and demolition could start as soon as today.

Anyone capable of savings this building better speak-up ASAP . . . for all we know, it may already be too late, sigh πŸ™

On the bright side, be sure to check out the historical gems in our Augusta, Maine town picture gallery. There are also other buildings still in need of help such as the Augusta Colonial Theater.

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