Congregational Church: Pittsfield, New Hampshire

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Picture of Congregational Church on Main Street in Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Congregational Church in Pittsfield, New Hampshire

As part of our weekly building history series, today we take a look at the Congregational Church in Pittsfield, New Hampshire:

“The first Congregational Church was established in 1789 and built on the corner of Broadway and Main. The first church on this site was a wooden structure built in 1839. After the disastrous fire of February 14, 1876, this brick edifice was erected. The bell, donated by R.L. French in 1859, was recast from the original. The “Town Clock,” originally donated by Thomas Berry, was replaced by J.L. French. A memorial tablet inside lists the nine original members including John Cram, the town’s father.”

Source: Building Plaque

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