Agent’s House: Pittsfield, New Hampshire

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Picture of Agent's House on Main Street in Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Agent’s House in Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Hurricane Irene has come and gone but not before knocking out our internet connection which just came back on-line. Our sympathies go out to folks who are still without power throughout Northern New England.

As part of our weekly building history series, today we take a look at the Agent’s House inĀ Pittsfield, New Hampshire:

“Agents for the Cotton Mill lived in this house during the 19th Century. Agent James A. Treat’s nephew, E.P. Sanderson, on for Pittsfield’s most generous benefactors, was born here February 5, 1860. Sanderson attended local schools and later founded the enormously successful E.P. Sanderson Steel Co. of Cambridge, Mass. With his son Robert, he ran the company for the next 18 years. Upon his death in 1930, Sanderson placed an unusual stipulation in his will which resulted in the Town of Pittsfield inheriting the bulk of his fortune in 1972. Today the Sanderson Trust Fund distributes large sums annually to worthy local projects.”

Source: Building Plaque

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