New Historical Road Markers 11

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Four new New Hampshire Historical Road Markers have been added:

Picture of NH Road Marker The Bedell Bridge Haverhill

The Bedell Bridge in Haverhill, New Hampshire

  • “The Bedell Bridge” in Haverhill, New Hampshire
  • “Bedell Bridge 1866-1979” in Haverhill, New Hampshire
  • “Boston, Concord, & Montreal Railroad” in Ashland, New Hampshire
  • “Mystery Hill” in Salem, New Hampshire¬†

Update: We also wanted to mention a website we recently came across that extensively explores the history behind New Hampshire’s historical road markers: ¬†Mike in New Hampshire. Tragically, Mike, the owner of the website, has passed away, but we felt that his archives are still very much worth exploring for as long as they remain on the web. After all, it is history and history doesn’t change. ¬†

Thanks Mike for your efforts in preserving New Hampshire’s history . . . rest in peace.

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