Bypass for Wiscasset, Maine is Dead

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The Portland Press Herald reports that the bypass for Wiscasset, Maine is dead:

The commissioner of the Maine Department of Transportation has called off all plans to build a bypass around Wiscasset, where potential solutions for summer traffic congestion have been studied for more than 50 years.

Just last year, the MDOT had settled on its most specific plan to date for a corridor around the town’s historic village, where traffic can back up on Route 1 for several miles in both directions on busy summer weekends. But the project was subsequently thrown into limbo after an American bald eagle’s nest was found near the proposed route last summer.

Transportation Commissioner David Bernhardt said Monday that his decision to end the bypass study had little to do with the discovery of the nest and everything to do with the estimated $100 million price of the project.

Although he vowed to continue to work with the town to improve traffic flow through the Route 1 bottleneck, the collapse of the latest plan has some wondering whether Wiscasset’s traffic problems will ever be resolved.

Awhile back we posted a few ideas of our own that would help relieve the traffic bottleneck in Wiscasset . . . without spending $100 million.

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