The Customs House: Bath, Maine

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Picture of The Customs House on Front Street in Bath, Maine

The Customs House in Bath, Maine

As part of our Building History series, today we take a look at The Customs House in Bath, Maine:

“The United States Custom House and Post Office was designed in 1852 by Ammi Bunrham Young, the first Supervising Architect of the U.S. Treasury Department.  Competed in 1858, the building was three bays deep; in 1912, the rear wall was preserved and re-erected after the building was enlarged by two-fifths.  In 1975, a new post office was built on Washington Street, and this building on Front Street was transferred to the City of Bath.  Today, it houses offices of several companies.  This place matters also because it was previously the site of the home and shipyard of William King, Maine’s first governor.”

Source: Sagadahoc Preservation

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