New Town Picture Gallery XXII: Cornish, Maine

Maine Cornish High St 01

Victorian Home in Cornish, Maine

The Town of Cornish, Maine has been added to the town picture gallery.  Enjoy!

There are now 23 towns featured in the Town Picture Galleries.

Also, we have a bonus Building History to add:  the Bonney Memorial Library.

Picture of Bonney Memorial Library Cornish, Maine

Bonney Memorial Library in Cornish, Maine

“On a June night in 1928 at the Pike Memorial Hall, Dr. Sherman Bonney of Denver, Colorado presented the keys of the Bonney Memorial Library to the Cornish Library Association. It was the occasion of the dedication exercises of the library, which Dr. Bonney built in tribute to his parents, Dr. Calvin Fairbanks Bonney and Mrs. Harriet Cheney Bonney. He closed his remarks with these words: ‘The donor has been permitted to honor the memory of his parents and at the same time make a slight contribution to the people of Cornish…Let its doors be open to all who care to read and learn.'”

Source: Bonney Memorial Library Website.

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