Landmark Building in Greenfield, New Hampshire Gets New Lease on Life

Recently, the Union Leader ran a story–“Greenfield Landmark Getting Big Makeover”–about the landmark building known as “Carbee’s Corner” in Greenfield, New Hampshire getting a new lease on life. The renovated building will be called “Greenfield Meeting Place” and will feature a restaurant, retail space, office space and apartments. This will truly be a mixed-use development and it is great news for the town.

The 1873 building at the corner of Slip and Forest roads — or Carbee’s Corner — has served as a residence, a general store, a feed and grain store, and the headquarters for Greenfield Industries. Most recently, the building offered apartments, a gift shop and a small diner.

But hard times fell on the owners of the property, and in 2009, the building was deeded to the town in lieu of back taxes.

A few months later the building was sold at auction to Greenfield Corner Properties LLC, and today, the building is bustling with activity as new life is breathed into the space.

However, we have some concerns.  According to the developer website: “The renovations include new windows and doors throughout the building.”  We hope that this does not turn into another case of vinyl vandalism and that the project will use historically accurate materials and design.  The building is slated to be completed by the end of summer so we’ll have to include Greenfield in our travel plans.

Does anyone know if this project will be a true “restoration” or simply a “renovation?”

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