The Cotton Mill Bell: Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Picture of Cotton Mill Bell in Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Cotton Mill Bell in Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Today we take a look at the Cotton Mill Bell in Pittsfield, New Hampshire:

“Originally a fog bell on the Isle of wight, off the coast of England, this bell was brought to Portsmouth during the latter part of the Eighteenth Century to be used in the Congregational Church.  Puritans, scoffing that it was ‘an instrument of Satan,’ refused to use it and the bell languished on a dock for many years and become known as the ‘Portsmouth idol.'”

“Industrialists James Joy brought the bell to Pittsfield in 1827 and placed it in the tower of the new brick Cotton Mill.  In 1864 it was recast by Henry N. Hooper of Boston.  Through the years the bell was used to call laboreres to work, congregations to church services, and firemen to fires.  It served as a curfew bell for the town’s youth and announced the deaths of presidents, generals and other great people.”

“The 924-pound bell remained in Pittsfield until 1949 when the Cotton Mill closed and it was removed to Exeter.  In 2003 it was donated to the Pittsfield Historical Society by Kenneth and Beverly Rohr in memory of their son Kenneth Rohr, Jr.”

“Dedicated July 12, 2003”

Source: Historical Plaque


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