New Town Picture Gallery XVII: Haverhill Corner Village in Haverhill New Hampshire

Picture of Pearson Hall in the Village of Haverhill Corner in the Town of Haverhill, New Hampshire

Pearson Hall in Haverhill, New Hampshire

The village of Haverhill Corner in the town of Haverhill, New Hampshire has been added to the town picture gallery.  Enjoy!

We’ve been slow in adding new towns to the picture gallery.  Primarily because it has been wicked cold and it’s hard to get good pictures with frozen fingers.  Also, the snow was really piling up in front of buildings and much of that was becoming “dirty snow.”

Now that it has finally turned warm (close to 80 yesterday!) we will be out and about getting new town pictures.  We plan to double the number of towns in just the next month or two to 40 towns . . . so stay tuned.

Since Haverhill Corner is the oldest village in Haverhill, New Hampshire it has a long and rich history.  Some of that history has been documented on various historical markers in the village as shown below.  Note that these are not the historical road markers which we also track.  Here we identify these historic markers with the home, or specific area, for which they represent so they will be posted in the town picture galleries.

Col. Charles Johnston

“House used as blockhouse in the revolution.  First frame house at Haverhill Corner.  Built about 1770 by Col. Charles Johnston.  A founder of Haverhill.  A hero of Bennington.  Home till 1842 of his son Capt. Michael Johnston.  And till 1874 of his grandson Michael Johnston.  Also of his great-grandchildren till 1882.  This tablet erected by descendants under auspices of Haverhill Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1925.”

Picture of Historical Marker for Col. Charles Johnston, A Founder of Haverhill, A Hero of Bennington

“Coos Turnpike”

“One of the first roads opened in the town connecting Haverhill, Plymouth and Concord.  Started at this point completed in 1808.  Here also was the Bliss Tavern and the first Post Office in Haverhill.  Placed by the Haverhill Chapter of the D.A.R. Aug. 20, 1925”

Picture of Historical Marker for Coos Turnpike

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Jan Johnston Glick says:

Col. Charles Johnston was my Great 4x grandfather.  I have some of the furniture and other pieces that were in that house.  Am interested in communicating with someone at the museum there…[email protected]

Jan, we will try to get your comment into the right hands.