Tilton’s Opera Block: Littleton, New Hampshire

Picture of Tilton’s Opera Block located in Littleton, New Hampshire

As part of our Building History series, we take a look at Tilton’s Opera Block located in Littleton, New Hampshire:

“Store clerk Henry Lowell Tilton (1828-1909) joined the Californian Gold Rush and returned to make his fortune in timber and real estate.  In 1881, he built this, the town’s largest brick structure and the architectural template for Main Street’s industrial era.  A mix of Victorian styles is evident in the cast iron moldings, textured surfaces and keystoned windows.  Tilton promoted concerts, and the vestibule of his Opera Block is a theater entrance.  Due to uncertain demand, the theater wing was never built.  Since 1972, attorney John B. Eames has continued the mix of retail, office and residential uses that Tilton intended.”

Source: Building Plaque

Additionally, the building has another plaque titled Littleton Stamp & Coin Co.:

“Millions of coin and stamp collectors know Littleton through the Littleton Stamp & Coin Company, a mail order firm launched in December, 1945 on the second floor of Tilton’s Opera Block.  Fannie Kasper Sundman, impressed by the friendly and scenic Main Street, had picked this location while he husband, Maynard Sundman, served overseas in the Army.  Upon Maynard’s discharge, they moved here from Connecticut in October, 1945.  By 2950, the firm had employed more than 100.  Three moves and fifty plus years later, family-owned Littleton Coin is one of America’s largest numismatic retailers, serving coin and paper money collectors nationwide.  Littleton Coin Company is located at 1309 Mt. Eustis Road in the Littleton Industrial Park.”

Source: Building Plaque

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