Northern Pass Mailer III: Investing in Local Communities

This week we received another 4-page mailer from the Northern Pass folks.  The last two mailers were about the economic benefits and jobs while this mailer is about investing in local communities.

More specifically, they quantify the higher property taxes due to increased valuations from the towers.  Of the towns listed, Bethlehem, New Hampshire is the biggest winner with $535,000 increase in property taxes.  At the other end of the spectrum is Bridgewater, New Hampshire with a 39,000 increase in property taxes.

The two main reasons for the difference are the number of towers going in each town and the existing property tax mill rate.

The Northern Pass Mailer III Page 1

The Northern Pass Mailer III Page 3

The Northern Pass Mailer III Page 4

Of course, the opposition is going full-tilt as well.  But no glossy four-page mailers for them . . . they are hitting back with some catchy, folksy tunes (from the Colebrook Chronicle).

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