Restoring “Twins”

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The Burlington Freepress has a fascinating story of a home-owner’s passion to restore two homes that are mirror-images of each other in Swanton, Vermont (north of Burlington near the Canadian border).  From the story:

You could call Glen Gurwit the proud father of twins.

The twins, in his case, are two adjacent houses on First Street in Swanton. They were built in the 1880s and are mirror images.

He likened the pair to what would happen if you sliced an apple down the middle. Each side facing the other looks exactly the same.

“They’re like twins facing each other,” he said.

For instance, if you look out a window, partly made of stained glass, on the side of one home, you see a replica window across the driveway separating the two houses.

Alterations over the years have given each house an individual personality. A porch was removed from the house on the right many years ago. An extension was added to the house on the left roughly 20 years after it was built, Gurwit said.

Gurwit, 63, said he does not know the full history behind the two houses, but is interested in learning. He plans to review Swanton land records and talk with descendants of people who once owned the houses for more clues.

Here is a view of the houses from Google Maps Streetview:

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