New Town Picture Gallery XIII: Richmond, Maine

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Picture of Southard CHTJ House Museum in Richmond, Maine

Southard CHTJ House Museum in Richmond, Maine

The town of Richmond, Maine has been added to the town picture gallery.  Enjoy!

Additionally, the Kennebec Journal ran an interesting story today about the plight of Richmond’s library.  The town is tearing their old building and plans to build a new one in its place.  However, I made a few suggestions to that article in the comment section.

I’m not a fan of tearing down older buildings until every option has been exhausted. Sell if for $1 to someone looking to put sweat equity into a project with the stipulation that it meets historic standards. Alas, it seems this building’s fate is sealed.

As for building a new library, there are several parking lots nearer the riverfront that would make a better location as the library would serve to draw traffic in the more commercial part of town–just as Gardiner’s library is an anchor along the retail corridor.

Or purchase and renovate one of the older buildings to serve as the library–that way you assure the library architecturally “fits in.” In fact, there is a beautiful four story building overlooking the river that has languished for years that would be a perfect fit.

Here is a picture of the building that is suggested as a new home for the library.

Maine Richmond River Rd 01

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