A House Mourned

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Today our destination town to add to the picture gallery was Littleton, New Hampshire. However, we changed our mind when the large crowd of shoppers made it impossible to get good, clean pictures. So, we headed up the road to Whitefield, New Hampshire.

We drove around a bit looking for a good place to park when we noticed that a significant house was missing–see picture below. We had a personal, fleeting connection to this house so its mysterious (to us) disappearance was particularly shocking.

New Hampshire Whitefield Elm St 07

Once we arrived at home, a quick Google search revealed that the house had burned down in July while undergoing renovations. You can view the home’s final moments below.

This is a sad reminder of why we do what we do here at Northern New England Villages.com. We love old homes and their communities, yet they face very real threats to their continued existence . . . fire is one of them. As soon as we can find a picture, we will post it to remember.

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