Where Have All the Street Addresses Gone?

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Just outside Wesleyan College, Athens, TN.

photo credit: aldo c zavala

When we first started adding picture to the town galleries we expected that street addresses would be readily visible in the pictures, especially since almost all pictures are taken from the street view.  Boy were we wrong . . . where have all the street addresses gone?

Generally, apartments and residences have their street addresses displayed although not always in the most visible or consistent manner.  Surprisingly, commercial establishments are the worst offenders for not displaying a street address.  Perhaps their signs with the business name is good enough for them.  Though it sure makes our life difficult and the picture galleries less informative.

On the bright side, we’ve noticed that in Vermont many homes have green street address tags somewhere on the street side.  Is this some kind of state-wide regulation?  Unfortunately, the same requirement must not exist for commercial establishments since we aren’t not having much success with street addresses for Vermont businesses either.

So . . . please consider putting up a street address.  If we’ve somehow missed yours, you can always contact us with the address.

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