Branding a Small Town

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Sam Bass Days, Allen, Texas, branding irons

photo credit: gurdonark

The town of Skowhegan, Maine makes their latest attempt at branding deciding on “Skowhegan: A Place to Watch.”  From an article in the Morning Sentinel:

We Are Skowhegan, Maine …

Our name is a Native American term for “a Place to Watch: as the Abenaki beckoned their people to come here for its abundant fish and wildlife.

We are tied to our land — We have always been a center of agriculture where people have gathered each year for nearly two centuries at the Nation’s Oldest State Fair. Today, we look to the land in innovative ways. Whether it is hydroponic gardening or a reinvented grist mill. Our history of agriculture is not mere legacy, but a way to chart our future.

— Branding & Marketing by Arnett Muldrow & Associates

However, beyond the branding itself, perhaps the most important element of this venture was that the $5,000 bill was paid for by a coalition of associations and businesses . . . not the town. There has to be a town-wide buy-in if a project like this is to be successful. This is a promising first-step for a town that has seen its share of hardship.

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