Seven to Save in New Hampshire

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Picture of Restored Windows

This week the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance announced their “Seven to Save in 2010.” They are:

  1. Colonial Theater, Laconia;
  2. Mill Pond Dam, Durham;
  3. Odd Fellows Hall, Warner;
  4. Pulpit Rock Tower, Rye;
  5. Print Shop, Mt. Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods;
  6. Brown Company, R&D Buildingw, Berlin;
  7. Historic Windows, Statewide;

Number 7 is particularly sensitive right now.  A neighbor pulled out his wooden windows and just went vinyl.  Ugh.  There was hoping of at least salvaging the windows, but they were gone before there was a chance to act.  Chalk up another one to the vinyl-vandals.

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In the details. . . says:

How about this atrocity?  This home faces Prescott Park and the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth.  They trashed the original 9/6 windows and the original clapboards.  In this case, they put on new wood siding, not vinyl, and “simulated divided light” windows that probably cost a small fortune; the result, however, is an historic home with a blank stare.  It’s been given the architectural equivalent of a botox injection.

Just thinking about it gives me a sick feeling in my stomach.

In the details . . . thanks for the comment. We certainly understand your concerns, a good restoration does not mean replacing everything old with new even if its relatively high quality. New materials simply don’t have the patina of age that give buildings their character and charm. We love how you put it–“the architectural equivalent of a botox injection.”

We also hope those windows ended up in a salvage yard and not the landfill . . . ugh. Please remember folks, if you don’t love your old windows, maybe there is someone out there who will.