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Independence Day . . . Vermont Style

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photo credit: nlnnet Here is a fascinating story in today’s Burlington Free Press about how Vermont became a state–not as simple as one would have imagined.  This also sheds more… Read more »

Solutions to Northern New England’s East-West Travel Woes

photo credit: brewbooks “You can’t get there from here” is a common expression for the fact that going east-to-west by automobile in Northern New England is a daunting task.  For… Read more »

New Town Picture Gallery XXIV: Peterborough, New Hampshire

The town of Peterborough, New Hampshire has been added to the town picture galleries. Enjoy! There are now 25 towns featured in the town picture gallery. Also, we have a… Read more »

New Historical Road Markers VI

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10 new New Hampshire Historical Road Markers are posted: “Major John Simpson” “College Road” “Jonathan ‘Jocky’ Fogg, Patriot” “First New Hampshire Turnpike” “Bear Brook CCC Camp 1935-1942” “Old Allenstown Meeting… Read more »