Octagon 2: Windhorse Commons in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Picture of Vermont St Johnsbury Eastern Ave 13

Windhorse Commons in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

In the first installment of this series, we looked at an octagon in Biddeford, Maine that recently came up for sale. In this post we will look at an octagon that we’ve already captured in our St. Johnsbury town gallery–Windhorse Commons located at 105-107 Eastern Avenue.

According to a local real estate company, the Windhorse Commons was sold a few years ago. Here is what they had to say about the property:

This was a great opportunity to sell such a truly unique property. Windhorse Commons is a cluster of three architecturally unique properties in the heart of St. Johnsbury, VT. The offering included three buildings, The Carriage House, Octagon Building and The Annex. All the buildings were well maintained and lovingly updated to preserve the beautiful old world charm while offering all the modern amenities. The site also has plenty of on site parking and within easy walking distance to St. Jay’s Business District, The Catamount Theater, St Johnsbury Academy, and other attractions.

Pictures of Windhorse Commons in St. Johnsbury Vermont

Pictures of Windhorse Commons in St. Johnsbury Vermont

Unfortunately we weren’t able to find much historical information about this unique property. There is some information available at the Octagon Inventory website, but not much. If you have any historical information about this property please share in the comments below!

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