The Bugbee Block: Littleton, New Hampshire

Picture of The Bugbee Block in Littleton, New Hampshire

The Bugbee Block in Littleton, New Hampshire

Today we take a look at the Bugbee Block located in Littleton, New Hampshire:

“The offices of Dr. Ralph Bugbee, jr. (1821-1893) occupied this Italianate edifice when it was built in 1857.  Beneath its bracketed cornice and formal frieze, retailers have plied clothing, hardware, books, jewelry, carpets and sporting goods.  Known as the Courier Block from 1920 to 1974, when the weekly newspaper (est. 1889) was housed here, its clever design used the sloping lot to advantage, with a public entry at street-level and backside access to production facilities.”

Source: Building Plaque

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